Nature´s Blends


Nature's Blends


We’re excited to introduce you to VIDA Nature's Blends by SNOOD JUICE, our line of beneficially natural fruit & spices juices. 
We offer 3 delicious combinations of 100% fruit juice and spices to refreshingly satisfy the taste and lifestyle of this century’s growing health and wellness generations that demand more natural, healthy- for-you, and deliciously fun products they can trust. VIDA Nature's Blends meet those demands head on by offering 100% fruit juice and spices made from the highest quality ingredients, while maintaining premium quality and exceptional value.

Our Plant and Head Office are located in Murcia, Spain, which is privileged to have the ideal environment and climate that has made it the perfect agricultural hub for organic life. We export to more than 15 countries, including the United States, and look forward to the continued expansion of our international reach as we receive more requests for SNOOD branded and Private-Labelled product from Distributors and Retailers around the world. 

We would love the opportunity to develop a partnership with you and your family of brands, and properly represent your brand’s integrity and value by providing your consumers with the best 100% Fruit Juices and Spices Blends on the market. We look forward to becoming one of your healthiest and most fruitful partners. 

Let’s get to the juicy part!