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USA: organic recent research shows health and environmental benefits

USA: organic recent research shows health and environmental benefits

The year 2016 yielded an impressive number of research projects of interest to the organic community, with studies coming out highlighting the environmental and health benefits of organic.

As the Organic Report explains that the multitude of research studies published in 2016 gives future research a lot to build upon. The Organic Center’s newsletter is covering new results frequently says Dr. Jessica Shade, Director of Science Programs at The Organic Center.

Some of important results are the following categorized in “health” and “environmental” benefits:

In the health category, pesticides were a major scientific focus. New studies in 2016 continued to highlight the frequency of residues from conventionally produced products from around the world. According to two studies out of China and Korea among other up to a quarter of all leafy greens exceed the maximum allowable residue limit for pesticides.

Research on the impact of pesticides on children’s health was especially prevalent. Studies found that pre-natal and childhood exposure to pesticides may be linked to the development of obesity and metabolic disorders, developmental problems, neurodevelopmental impairment and decreased IQ.

Research also showed that it is important to think organic when it comes to body care, in addition to food. A research team from the University of California at Berkeley showed that cosmetics can play a big role in toxic chemical exposure. Researchers found that even a short break from using makeup, shampoos and lotions that contain certain kinds of synthetic chemicals can reduce levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in teens.

Actively evaluating the presence of synthetic chemicals in our food system, The Center in 2016 launched a project examining the presence of synthetic pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics in store-bought organic and conventional milk. Results are scheduled to be published in 2017.

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