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UK: organic market worth £2.2 billion

Last week, Soil Association launched its 2018 Organic Market Report. The report shows that the UK organic market has grown by 6% to over £2.2 billion in 2017. During the last six years, the organic market has grown steadily, now constituting 1.5% of the whole UK food and drink market.

In 2017, the turnover of organic products in independent retail grew by 9.7% and home delivery by 9.5%, accounting for almost 13% of the organic market. At the moment, around a third of all organic sales are being generated on the high street or online. While the supermarket turnover of non organic food only rose by just over 2%, organic supermarket sales rose by 4.2%.

Further organic key growth areas in the UK:

  • Produce, up 6.5%, had the highest value growth, reaching over £20m in sales
  • Chilled foods had impressive increases at 21%, now constituting for 3.4% of the total UK organic market
  • Sales in foodservice, including through the Organic Served Here scheme, grew by 10.2%
  • Expenditure on the Food for Life Served Here program increased by 20% to £18 million
  • Dairy sales grew by around 3%, and still have the highest share of the organic food and drink market at almost 29%
  • The popularity of organic wine continues to rise, with a turnover of beers/wines/spirits growing by over 8% and many supermarkets expanding their ranges of wines.

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